Competition Time!

Design our new T-Shirt Logo

Fancy yourself as a bit of an artist? Think you’ve got a creative spark just waiting to be recognised?


So why not have a go at designing the new logo for the Brightlingsea Free Music Festival?


With all the changes going on this year with our beloved festival we thought it would be a good opportunity to revamp our t-shirt logo. 


So we are opening it up to anyone living in or around Brightlingsea to come up with a new design for the new era.


We haven’t got enough money to offer a prize, but the winner will receive a free t-shirt plus a back stage tour and festival site

tour. Plus you will have the kudos of having your design proudly displayed on all our t-shirts for years to come!


There aren’t many rules.

  1. Obviously it needs to fit on to a t-shirt.

  2. The competition is open to everyone, whatever your age etc.

  3. The design needs to be single colour and easily printable on to fabric.

  4. And not too complex so that it visibly stands out on a plain t-shirt. 

  5. All entries must be submitted electronically via the PostImages website and the link emailed to by 31st May 2022.


PostImages can be found here

Below is a picture of our current design to give you some inspiration.

Good luck!




Brightlingsea Free Music Festival was established in North East Essex in 2001. Its aim was to provide a platform for new and established bands from across the mainstream spectrum of popular music.


The festival thrives on its status as a free event and aims to attract an audience of all ages and showcases a mixture of new established bands.

It’s developed from using a lorry trailer as a stage in its first 2 years, to providing a purpose built 15 meter orbital stage in the following 3 years.


The original audience of 2000 has increased steadily year on year.

The festival itself is now held in the heart of Brightlingsea, at Hurst Green, making it truly part of the Brightlingsea scenary.


Although the festival is free, it does cost around £15,000 each year to run and so we rely on sponsorship from local businesses….which is a lot harder to find than you may imagine! So please support us by coming to this year’s event.


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