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Do's and Dont's

There is absolutely no parking facility on or anywhere near Hurst Green. The road at this end of town is very narrow and only suitable for one way traffic with road closures in place for safety. 

Please DON'T

DON'T light BBQs

DON'T leave litter

DON'T forget to be respectful of other people and use the facilities provided

DON'T wear full facemasks

DON'T bring ANY popup sun shelter or tent higher than 1 metre high

Please DO

DO take your rubbish home

DO use plenty of sunscreen

DO drink plenty of water

DO keep your dog on a lead, under control and out of the sunshine

DO keep an eye on your children

DO have fun!

DO donate, if you can DO buy a T-shirt or hat DO drink responsibly

DO treat all our volunteers/bar staff with respect

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