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By three he liked The Shadows, By six he was singing along to The Kinks and Beatles. By nine his ambition was to be able to play Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto. By seventeen he was teaching himself the guitar by playing along to The Sex Pistols. By his mid-twenties his music was being broadcast all over Europe (one of his releases became record of the week on the legendary Radio Luxemburg) and he was receiving glowing reviews from both the music and mainstream press.


By now he has written a whole wealth of material and not only continues to write songs but has also written music for radio, TV and film. 


Stephen has recently recruited some friends to assist him. They are Paul Carnell on keyboards, Paul Cleary on bass and Duane Brazier on drums. 


Having become a recent resident of Brightlingsea he is delighted to be playing this festival and proud to present tracks from his latest album “The Love That Kills” to the audience today.

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