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Happy Birthday To Us !

We have made a few changes this year to bring you a bigger and better festival. Yet again we cannot express how grateful we are for the generosity of the communities. Due to the hard work of all involved and the support of the local businesses - we are still a free event which is almost unheard of these days

We are proud to give musicians the ability to showcase their original song writing ability and allow them to perform their songs in front of a live friendly audience. We are also incredibly proud that one of our regular groups F.O.X were the support group for Depeche Mode’s European tour this year.

As you can see from this year’s line-up, we have a wide range of music to support all tastes. Again, this year, the local pubs have supported the event and will continue the spirit of the festival by having local bands playing over the weekend.

This year we called on the budding artist at the Colne and had a competition whereby the students had to design the front page. It was very hard to judge as they were all winners but a huge congratulations to our winner Helen Dong. Also we are grateful to the Brightlingsea Junior School who had a non-uniform day to support the Festival.

Special thanks to Bob Walsh & Ali May-Watson for their invaluable help with the programme and Paul Hickman for our incredible website. Thanks again to those who volunteer on the day. Your support is so very much appreciated.

As ever my heartfelt thanks to my committee for their dedication to the festival. The basically just get on and do it. We are a brilliant team and always have a smile! Thank you to Mick Barry, Will Jenkins, Andrea Godfrey, Julie Ford, Kate Deyn and Kev Wortley. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

John Chair BFMF

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