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Four piece Thrash/Groove metal band formed in April 2015 in the depths of Essex, England. From spending the majority of 2015 recruiting band members and song writing, the band originally consisted of Jonny Derrick (Guitars) and Chris May (Bass). After a response from a local ad was seen by eagle eye Rob Norrington (Vocals), the band had already taken a massive leap with the song writing and the actual style of music was flowing effortlessly. Finding a drummer on the other hand seemed to take an eternity. Having gone through two drummers previously and it not working out, in Nov 2015 another ad was placed by the band which aroused interest from Drummer/Land Rover enthusiast, James Nicholls (aka Twitch). After this the band was complete, with months of rigorous rehearsals in the studio, the band played its first gig at Hopes Bar, Clacton in April 2016 and have been terrorising venues ever since! A Bribe For The Ferryman's debut EP is due out beginning of 2017.. watch this space!


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