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Applying to play

The festival aims to promote original music with around twenty spots for different artists over the weekend.


We want submissions from any bands who play live – we are open to all forms of music and performance and we will listen to everything that is sent in.  It is festival policy however to prioritise and promote new bands so if you are a pure covers band or tribute act it will be difficult to get a spot.


As part of the selection process the first thing we would like is a CD/recording/link to some of your material so we can make an initial assessment. 


Secondly we would welcome any promotional material,
reviews or pictures of the current line up with biographical details, musical influences etc. 


Finally we would welcome a gig list with any upcoming shows so that where possible we can attend a gig or concert to see you live.


Due to the volume of submissions we receive, whilst we guarantee to listen to every one, we are not always able to give feedback or a response, or return submitted materials.


Thank you so much for your interest, the bands and artists are what keeps this festival going as one of the best in the area.


Keep Music Live


Success! Message received. Thank you

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